Our Services

ETL Services.

Endeavour focused in six major segments of products and solution.By increasing market demand we developed following departments

1. Telecommunication Engineering
2. Information Technology infrastructure solution
3. Power System Engineering
4. Security system and solution
5. Renewable energy
5. Mass digitization solution

Following are the detail description of above department’s subsections

1. Telecommunication Engineering
BTS/MSC/BSC/Switch Room infrastructure Solution.
Site survey and cell planning
Antenna System Engineering
Base Station System Engineering
Transmission Engineering
Builder’s work /Civil Work
Raised Floor/Access Floor

2. Information Technology infrastructure
Enterprise Networking(Switch/Router/Firewall)
Server system
Storage system
Wireless networking
Digital library/e-library solution/RFID solution
Video conferencing solution
IP telephony system
Data Center/MSC/BSC infrastructure Solution (like Space planning , network operation center, facility room, etc)
Data center design and consultancy service
Data center validation ,audit and certification service
Enterprise Server and storage solution
Enterprise Network and Structured Cabling System
Racking and cabling system
Environmental Monitoring System
BMS/ Infrastructure monitoring system
Raised Floor/Access Floor
Civil Works and furniture

3. Power System Engineering
Power control and distribution system
New Power connection and Energy meter supply
Electrical and Total Power System Solution
DC Power system/Rectifier
Ventilation system, Cooling system, Precision Air Conditioning System.
Uninterruptible power system
AVR/ Voltage stabilizer

4. Security system

Fire detection and suppression system /Clean Agent Fire Suppression (FM 200, HFC 227 EA, Pyrogen, Aerosol, Inertec(Inert gas) etc)
Security management system
Video surveillance system by IP based network camera
Access control system
Smart automation

Installation commissioning service:
1. Installation service & maintenance of BSC/BTS including power & switching equipments.
2. Installation of BTS & MW System, feeder cable(MW,RF)
3. Installation of telecom tower and antenna.

Enterprise Networking Solution
 Supply and installation of Computer network switch, router, hub, cable and all other accessories.
 Planning, design and Implementation of wired and wireless computer networks.
 Router, switch and firewall and Internet gateway configuration.
 Supply and installation of Server and storage
 Video conferencing system

Structured Cabling
 LAN cable laying using EIA/TIA–569, SP2840-A standard
 Grounding of Rack mount cabinet using EIA/TIA-607 standard.
 Punching of modular jack, patch panel and face plate fixing as per guideline of EIS/TIA.
 Testing of cable using different testing equipments as per guideline of EIA/TIA TSB 67, 95.
 Cable, Patch cord, faceplate & patch panel labeling comply with EIA/TIA TSB 40A, 53 standards.
 Rack dressing
Data Centre Infrastructure
 Supply & Install Raised Floor
 Electrical wiring
 Supply & Install Fire fightingequipments
 Low height partition / glass door & glass partition
 Supply & fitting false ceiling using metal sheet & gypsum board
 Environment monitoring System
Precision Air-conditioning System/Cooling/ventilation system

1. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Precision Type Air Conditioning System for Main Switch Room of Mobile Service Providers, Data Centre, Computer Server Room, BTS Room, T&T Exchange Switch Rooms, Medical equipment room etc.
2. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Comfort Type Air Conditioning System for Offices, BTS and House Hold Appliances.
3. Planning, Designing, Implementation of Cooling Load Calculation, Drafting & Design of HVAC System.

Fire suppression/Clean Agent
 We are providing the solution & supply, installation, maintenance of Auto Fire fighting& Detection system (FM-200,Aerosol, CO2, NAFS125, Power, Foam Type) for Telecom,IT& other sectors.

Security Systems
 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV / IP Camera / Biometric Access Control device / Proximity device / Automatic Fire Detection System etc.

Power System
 AC Power: Main
1. Power line connection (Single/ Three phase) from DESA, DESCO, PDB, REB maintaining all formation & official persuasion.
2. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Electrical Substation.
3. Supply of all type of AC cables, Distribution boxes and accessories.

 AC Power: Back Up
1. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of UPS and Generator.

 DC Power: Main
1. Installation & Commissioning of DC Power (-48V and 24V) system. Supply of all types of DC Power cables and accessories.

 DC Power: Back-Up
1. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of VRLA and Lead – Acid batteries of required capacity.

 Infrastructure build-up (Civil Works):
1. BTS shelter making both at Green Field & Roof Top.
2. Tower erection both at Green Field & Roof Top.
3. Supply and installation of aviation light.

 Raised Floor Supply & Installation

• We are supplying Bergvik Raised Floor Systems as well as normal raised floor
• We are installing all kinds of Raised Floors & False Ceiling

Engineering Consultancy

We have an extensive database of experienced engineers from all over South and South East Asia who provide expert consultancy and training in the following fields:
Mobile Network Engineering, office network system and Information Technology

Service Policies

• Service support: We have sufficient qualified engineers and technician for relevant fields. All of engineers are highly trained in home and abroad in respective fields.

• Round the Clock: We are providing Round the Clock Service support. We have standby engineers for 24 hours even for holidays. Hence our valued customers are getting tensionless service support.

• Project wise service support: We have project wise service engineers for our valued customer.

• Monitoring: Our service Engineers monitor our providing systems round the clock.

• Perfect Tools and measuring equipment: We have a workshop and have all respective tools and measuring equipment due to testing, installation and commissioning of our Supplied equipment/ systems.

• Taking care for all safety measures: Our qualified engineers take care for all safety measures during testing, installation and commissioning of any equipment/systems.

• Designing, estimating and Costing: We have an engineering team for Designing, Estimating and Costing of any relevant projects.

• Maintenance: We may enter into annual maintenance contact after the full warranty period with sufficient spare parts covering all including installation.

• Corrective Measure from feed Back: We have been taking all types of corrective measure after getting feedback from our Valued Customers & our Field workers

Major List of Technology Partners

Sl. Company Name Country
1. Reichele De Massari(R&M) Germany
2 Steel Recon Industries (SRI) Malaysia
3. Network Technologies Inc. (NTI) USA
4. Cisco System Inc. USA
5 Delta Taiwan
6 Fire Armor Singapore
8 Huatong China
9 Bergvik Flooring AB Sweden
10 Gielle Italy
11 AirLive Taiwan
12 Bluebox Italy
13 Brickcom Taiwan
14 Grandstream USA
15 Dell USA
16 Huawei Technologies China