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Air Conditioning

Precision Air Conditioning System.

Telecommunication Engineering

  • BTS/MSC/BSC/Switch Room infrastructure Solution.
  • Site survey and cell planning
  • Antenna System Engineering
  • Base Station System Engineering
  • Transmission Engineering
  • Builder’s work /Civil Work
  • Raised Floor/Access Floor


DC Power Supply

Information Technology infrastructure

  • Enterprise Networking(Switch/Router/Firewall)
  • Server system
  • Storage system
  • Wireless networking
  • Digital library/e-library solution/RFID solution
  • Video conferencing solution
  • IP telephony system
  • Data Center/MSC/BSC infrastructure Solution (like Space planning , network operation center, facility room, etc)
  • Data center design and consultancy service
  • Data center validation ,audit and certification service
  • Enterprise Server and storage solution
  • Enterprise Network and Structured Cabling System
  • Racking and cabling system
  • Environmental Monitoring System
  • BMS/ Infrastructure monitoring system
  • Raised Floor/Access Floor
  • Civil Works and furniture

Power System Engineering

  • Power control and distribution system
  • New Power connection and Energy meter supply
  • Electrical and Total Power System Solution
  • DC Power system/Rectifier
  • Inverter
  • Ventilation system, Cooling system, Precision Air Conditioning System.
  • Uninterruptible power system
  • AVR/ Voltage stabilizer
  • Generator

Security system

  • Fire detection and suppression system /Clean Agent Fire Suppression (FM 200, HFC 227 EA, Pyrogen, Aerosol, Inertec(Inert gas) etc)
  • Aspirating smoke detection system and Linear Heat detection system
  • Security management system
  • Video surveillance system by IP based network camera
  • Access control system
  • Smart automation

Power System

Electrical and Total Power System Solution