Endeavour Technologies Ltd

Company Overview/About Us

Endeavour Technologies Ltd., being originally started as an system integration and solution centric company, has during the last few years evolved and now has a unique combination of engineering resources and product distribution.

Endeavour focused in Six major segments of products and solutions.  increasing market demand, we developed the following departments

  1. System Engineering
  2. Information Technology infrastructure solution
  3. Power System Engineering
  4. Security system and solution
  5. Retail and DigitigationTechnologies
  6. Distribution and Reseller

our mission

Our mission is to be a preferred global provider of reliable and efficient engineering solutions and services. We offer clients a worldwide standard of professional performance to ensure success of their Projects.

Our Vission

we shall become an active partner in shaping the future of IT and telecommunications industry towards a truly global community with the highest regard for our stakeholders. • A company that anticipates customer needs. • A company that cares for the environment. • A company that values the well-being of its employees